1 Defining "Development"  
Part 1: The Colonial Legacy: The Gendered Precedents of Development
2 The Colonial Legacy  
3 The Colonial Legacy (cont.)  
4 Colonial Images of "Native" Women and Men  
5 Film: First Contact

Colonial Transformations of Gender
6 Women, Tradition and Modernism  
7 Socialism and Post-Colonialism  
8 Socialism and Post-Colonialism (cont.)  
9 Film: Joe Leahy's Neighbors Paper due
Part 2: The Rise of Development Theory
10 Rise of Development Theory  
11 Critics from within the Economic Frame  
Part 3: Development and Daily Life
12 Film: Our Friends at the Bank  
13 Development and Daily Life  
14 Development and Daily Life (cont.)  
15 Development and Bureaucracy  
16 Knowledge and the Environment  
17 The Complexities of Activism  
18 Film: Black Harvest Paper due (5-7 pages)
Part 4: Further into Daily Life: The Politics of Poverty outside the Development Frame
19 The Politics of Wage Labor  
20 Drawing the Line Between First and Third Worlds?  
21 Issues of Health

Guest Speaker: Erica James
22 Issues of Health (cont.)  
23 Film: Celso and Cora  
24 Thinking More About Gender  
25 Thinking More About Gender (cont.)  
    Final paper due (2 Essay Questions; 8-10 Pages Total)