Lecture Notes

1 Introduction to Course (PDF)
2 The Origin of the Family (PDF)
3 The Family in the Past I (PDF)
4 The Family in the Past II (PDF)
5 Definition of the Family I (PDF)
6 Definition of the Family II
7 Definition of the Family III: Culture and Ideology (PDF)
8 Definition of the Family IV: Ethnic and Social Class Variability (PDF)
9 Definition of the Family V: Gay and Lesbian Families; Adoption (PDF)
10 The Effects of Changing Gender Roles on the Family
11 Sexuality: The Social Context I (PDF)
12 Sexuality: The Social Context II
13 Marriage: Definitions, Functions, Variability (PDF)
14 Parenting (PDF)
15 Parenting: Changes (PDF)
16 Parenting: Problems (PDF)
17 Divorce I (PDF)
18 Divorce II (PDF)
19 Violence in the Family (PDF)
20 Economic Issues and Problems I: Work - at Home and in the Workplace (PDF)
21 Economic Issues and Problems II: Economic Change (PDF)
22 Economic Issues and Problems III: Poverty, Genteel and Brutal (PDF)
23 Economic Issues and Problems IV: Differential Rates of Poverty in Racial and Ethnic Groups (PDF)
24 Economic Issues and Problems V: Diversity in Families (PDF)
25 The US and Sweden ("The Ultimate Welfare State") Compared (PDF)
26 The Longer Life Span