This section outlines the assigned reading for different sections of the course. Readings were not assigned for the final lectures on advanced compensation techniques.

[FPE] = Franklin, Gene, J. David Powell, and Abbas Emami–Naeini. Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems. 6th ed. Prentice Hall, 2009. ISBN: 9780136019695.

L1–3 Introduction [FPE] Chapters 1, 2, 3.1–3.4
L4–6 Dynamic response [FPE] Chapter 3.1, B
L7–9 Transient response and performance [FPE] Chapter 3.1–3.5
L10–11 Disturbances and sensitivity [FPE] Chapter 4.1–4.3
L12–14 Root locus techniques [FPE] Chapter 5.1–5.6
L15–16 Bode plots [FPE] Chapter 6.1
L17–19 Nyquist criterion [FPE] Chapter 6.2–6.3
L20–21 Gain and phase margins [FPE] Chapter 6.4
L22–23 Bode gain–phase theorem [FPE] Chapter 6.5
L24–26 Bode design [FPE] Chapter 6.6–6.7
L29–34 Digital control [FPE] Chapter 8


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